How to choose the right boxing shoes

Boxing, on one hand, does not require any special equipment, on the other hand though, there is a certain necessary minimum, which we examined before.

Boxer shoes are very necessary for this kind of sport. Footwork is one of the most important aspects in boxing. You may have strong legs and technical movements around the ring, but bad shoes can negate your superiority. So, lightweight and comfortable boxing shoes are a must for every self-respecting boxer. This instruction is devoted to how to choose the right shoes for boxing.

Fit and size

It is very important to choose the best boxing shoes that will fit in size (that is, not to be small and not be large) and at the same time provide good support in the ring and during training. Incorrect footwear can cause problems with tendon-muscle ankle connectors or plantar fasciitis. This will not only put an end to the career of a boxer, but will bring a lot of trouble to an ordinary athlete. Such damage is best to be prevented.

Many boxing shoes, in order to be lighter, are made with a very thin sole, however, there are those that have additional cushioning. This cushioning withstands shock loading during heavy footwork such as jumping rope, etc.. The choice between boxers with light or reinforced soles mainly depends on the personal preferences of the athlete. Professionals use special insoles for greater comfort. However, some boxing organizations prohibit the use of such insoles in official competitions.

The selection of the right size is the same as when choosing a running shoe, some boxers prefer to take shoes half a size smaller for a more snug fit on the foot. Most boxing shoes are made for a narrow foot, so if you are the owner of a wide one, then you better read the reviews or come to the boxing store and try the shoes on the spot.

Material and ventilation

You need to carefully consider the materials from which the shoes for boxing are made. It should be comfortable enough for you to withstand 2 hours of training. Usually, the upper part is made of soft leather, suede, so that the foot can “breathe”. Some manufacturers may insert special perforated parts. Choosing the right material and the right level of ventilation is very important.

Height and style

Boxing shoes are usually divided into three types – high, medium and low. Low and medium provide maximum freedom of movement and lightness of sneakers. High ones additionally protect the ankle due to a more tight fixation.

For boxing, you can choose shoes of any style, but it should not slow down the boxer and should not cause injuries.

When choosing, pay attention to the sole – it should have a distinct pattern that will cling to the cover in the ring or hall. A good outsole is the key to sustainability.

The location of the clasps or laces is also very important. If they are located incorrectly, then the feet will be uncomfortable. The best option is boxing shoes which you put on and forget about during training or combat because they fitso  comfortably.